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Global Heart Activation Summit ♥ April 12th & 13th 2024

Finding a space that understands and nurtures our empathic and intuitive nature is a treasure in a world that often feels overwhelming.


That's why I'm thrilled to invite you to the



a free “Live” event via Zoom from April 12th to 13th, designed for individuals like you who are on a path of spiritual and personal development. Additional fantastic prizes are also during your “live” participation on the Zoom Fun!


This unique opportunity offers you a blend of over 80 free gifts, including soothing healing audios, introspective guided meditations, enriching ebooks, coaching, and healing sessions - all curated to support your journey toward a life of deeper understanding, wellness, and prosperity.


Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13

9am - 6pm PT “Live” via Zoom


When you join this FREE Event, you will receive special talks and gifts from:

  • Keynote Speaker: Alison Armstrong - Expanding Your Personal Heart Space

  • Keynote Speaker: Art Giser - Intention isn't enough: Aligning Your Spirit, Soul, Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, and Body

  • Susan Shatzer - Your Heart is the Way

  • Jeremy McDonald - Quantum Healing for Transforming Your Life

  • Ani Papazyan - Empowering Your Journey to Pain Free Living

  • And from me - Everyday Alchemy With The Ascended Masters!

Looking forward to seeing you there and supporting you to 'Be The Butterly' and SOAR!

Abundant blessings,

Angela Orora


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