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Spiritual Love Summit

Dearest Cariads,

I hope you and yours are safe and well in these strange times. Now more than ever, it is important to exercise self-care, have fun when we are able and to gather with like minded souls to keep our spirits and vibrations raised.

As usual, I have lots to offer in the way of guidance and workshops to support you to be the best you can, to truly 'Be the Butterfly', Including my Awakened Souls Circle which offers a sacred space for light workers.

This month I am particularly thrilled to be part of this fabulous Summit presented by the Spiritual Awakening Circle.

As you know, I am blessed that my daily work brings me into the vibration of the Angels and Masters, so I'll be leading a session to connect you with the vibration and essence of divine love, connecting you with the key to bring this essence into your everyday life.

As well as their sessions - each of the presenters is offering participants offers and discounts on services and training - check it out here! Simply click on the photo for the link.....

If you feel guided to connect with me personally, here are some of the services I offer

Wishing you brightest and abundant blessings, Angela Orora

Cariad Spiritual

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