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As well as face to face, I work remotely using the telephone and internet.  

Here are just a few comments from clients from all over the world:

 "I just wanted to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you for yesterday. I have woken today feeling so positive. You are truly amazing and such a beautiful person inside and out not only for the reading and healing but your genuine empathy. I can't believe how spot on you were and it's helped so much with everything that has been going on. Thank you so much. Was so lovely to meet you. Lots of hugs xxx"  


"Angela is a quiet lady, softly spoken and blessed with an inner gentleness and serenity.  She radiates kindness, empathises well and cares deeply.  I felt she was taking on a daunting task in seeing me, but from the first time this lady placed her hands on my shoulders I felt an unmistakable energy spiralling down my entire body and I realised that something special was taking place.  Angela is a living vessel for the awesome energy she channels and I hold this remarkable and unassuming lady in high esteem; she is a natural and exceptional healer who has brought about a remarkable change in my life since I started seeing her." 


I have had healing with Angela which has benefited me greatly.  I have also benefited from having a reading with Angela which has helped with the direction with my life.



"Angela has wonderful healing hands; I was at peace with her.  She has a radiance about her and her smile is compelling.  I will be leaving the church feeling a better person.  


"I ask Angela to read for me when I need guidance and information on my life and my choices.  The cards show what may happen when I follow different paths, bringing me the information I need to know so that I can make informed decisions."


"Angela was very welcoming and gentle.  I felt safe and relaxed and the healing experience was wonderful.  I left feeling uplifted and calm, most certainly beneficial for reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety that I've been having as a result of my job.  Thanks Angela.  


To make your booking for a personal or telephone reading
or spiritual healing please contact me
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