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My fees depend on the service and length of appointment or package that you book.

Angelic Reiki

Crystal Healing

Divine Energy Healing

Divine Feminine Reiki

Goddess Healing

Mary Magdalene Reiki

Metatron Healing

Omni Healing

Pendragon Reiki

Quantum Metaphysics Healing 

Shamanic Healing

Sound Healing 

Spiritual Healing 

Violet Flame Rescue Flame Healing


Energy healing is a holistic therapy which complements conventional medical treatment and promote healing and energy balance in people and animals; promoting harmony and healing of mind, body and spirit.  It is the oldest form of healing and exists in every culture around the World.  Energy is channelled by the healer and directed where needed to heal and balance 'disease'.  

I am a Master & Teacher of several different energy healing modalities and a practitioner of others.  I began my healing training over thirty five years ago, am fully qualified and registered with the Healer Practitioner Association International, The International Association of Therapists and the Angelic Reiki Association to practice and teach both 'hands on' and distant healing. 


In addition I have my own channeled accredited healing system, Divine Feminine Reiki, and have taught energy healing to hundreds of people worldwide.

I have been the medium for thousands of healing sessions for people, animals and places and offer healing taster sessions and packages, both in person and distantly; I have healing clients and students worldwide.

As we are all unique beings, working intuitively. I select the correct vibration to enable your healing from the many vibrations and healing systems I am able to access and channel.

I offer taster sessions and healing 'packages' (5-10 sessions).  Working with you over several weeks enables the layers of dis-ease to be 'peeled away' like the layers of an onion re-establishing harmony at all levels of your being, mind, body and spirit.   I also often gift clients the tools to retain this harmony after our work together has ceased.

I support your healing and help you soar; see my availability and book here.

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