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Life & Soul Alignment Coaching

Invest in You

My unique Life & Soul Alignment Coaching process weaves together traditional life coaching and holistic energy techniques, aligning you to your soul connection and achieving harmony and flow in all areas of mind, body and spirit overhaul. Enabling you to soar in all areas of your life and work with grace and flow and a deep connection to source energy.

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Work with me to create harmony and healing in your future; your life your choice. In our weekly sessions we unpick your life path, align with your soul purpose, heal and harmonise your energy system and develop tools to keep the momentum flowing long after our sessions have finished.

I am the 'Practical Mystic'. I have over thirty years of supporting individuals in the corporate and third sectors (the practical skills!). I am a spiritual channel and Master Teacher of several healing modalities (the Mystic aspect!) with experience of working with holistic energy and teaching spiritual development for over three decades, with hundreds of clients worldwide.

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