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Your High Vibrational Wellness Book Gift

Dear Cariad,

Thank you for purchasing a copy of High Vibrational Wellness.

I hope you found inspiration in my chapter, and are ready to bring the power of The Violet Flame into your life.  I would love to hear your feedback; you can e-mail me at

The Violet Flame is a powerful esoteric energy that exists in every sphere and dimension. It can be invoked to purify and eliminate negative energy across various realms:

  • In the physical sphere, it transforms toxins and pollutants

  • In the mental and emotional spheres, it transmutes negative thought forms and emotions

  • In the spiritual sphere, it cleanses dark spiritual energies like demonic infestation and pollution.

If you'd like to work with the Violet Flame to awaken powerful healing and higher clairvoyance gifts I offer the Awakening of the Violet Flame Chakra workshops and 1:1 sessions, You can find more details here.

I have many, many more tools and training that can support you to align with your soul's path and live a life of ease and grace; take a look around my website and see what makes your soul sing.

I'll leave you with the words of my guide the Ascended Master St Germain.

Abundant blessings,

Angela Orora

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

This is your time - the time of enlightenment

You can choose whether to sit, remain in your current position,

and be blind to the possibilities or to embrace them

As always it is your choice

The balance of existing in this human world or soaring with all the gifts

of your spirit are your choices

Choose wisely dear ones; your future and the future of all sentient beings

depends on this choice

The Ascended Master St Germain

Channelled by Angela Orora Augst 2020

Please enjoy...

Click here to download

St Germain & The Violet 7 Pointed Star.png

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Are You Ready To Soar?

I'm the Practical Mystic and have a wide range of services, click below and find out more...

With almost forty years of experience as a holistic professional, I can support you to soar!

to truly 'Be The Butterfly and transform your being and your life. 

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