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Intuitive & Spiritual Development 

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Why Study With Me?

I first worked professionally as a Tarot Reader in the mid-1980s and first taught intuitive and spiritual development in Australia in 1990.  Since then I have conducted thousands of spiritual guidance sessions worldwide, worked as a professional reader at the world famous esoteric bookshops Mysteries of Covent Garden, Stepping Stones of Greenwich and at MBS Festivals and Fayres across the UK. 


I have clients across the World, from New York to New Zealand and have been consulted by stars of stage and screen and industry leaders.  I am blessed to be a channel for the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives; my chanellings have been witnessed by hundreds of people worldwide.  So, I have a great deal of experience!

All of my courses are accredited by professional bodies (IOATH, HPAI and the Angelic Reiki Association).  I am passionate about quality training, creating firm foundations to ensure that YOU have the best opportunity to soar, to develop in a safe and supportive space.

I teach 1:1, in person at workshops, training courses and retreat centres worldwide and online.  I also have short Foundation Courses available to download so you can get started on your journey now.

I limit my courses to small numbers so that you can have the best experience.  Many of my courses are fully booked from waiting lists and not advertised, so please contact me if you see a course you would like to study and I can add your name to the waiting list. 


Intuitive & Spiritual Development Foundation Certificate


Formerly an in-person course over 22 weeks this will shortly be available as a downloadable accredited course.

Intuitive Card Reading

Learn to read Tarot, Angel or Oracle Cards intuitively. 


Level 1 is open to those with no or a little experience.  Level 2 prepares you to work professionally.  Available in person and online.

Practical Dowsing

I teach my own system of dowsing for divination that is eminently practical and can bring clarity for self and others.  Integrating Practical Dowsing with Intuitive Card Reading sets you apart from other psychics in terms of the clarity you can offer in your readings.  Available in person and online.

Higher Vibrational Mediumship

Learn to connect to the realms of the Ascended Masters and Angelic Collective. 


A new online course for 2022.  Contact me to register your interest.

Contact me about Intuitive & Spiritual Development Courses

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Tarot Cards
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