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The Divine Ray Program

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I am delighted to offer a UNIQUE NEW program in 2022 - The Divine Rays Program, a step-by-step development program that will take you from seeker to Master in under a year. 


Build on solid foundations with a pre-course study program, weekly live training, continual assessments and a support group you develop and grow. 

Gaining formal qualifications along the way developing from Neophyte to Adept to Master; able then to teach the component elements of the system yourself and build a healing and training business of your own. 

The Divine Rays Neophyte Program

Pre-course study pack, followed by mentoring, live workshops and a short assessment.


Zoom classes: Pre-course study in spiritual and intuitive development and Divine Rays experience sessions and attunement in Divine Energy Healing (Level 1) over six weekly sessions.

A mix of teaching about the Rays and their Patrons and experiencing guided meditation journeys to the healing temples.

Qualifications:      Divine Rays Neophyte

                              Foundation in Spiritual & Intuitive Development

                              Divine Energy Healing (Level 1)  


The Divine Rays Adept Program

Seven weeks of spiritual development, mentoring and healer practitioner training over Zoom, leading to practitioner qualifications in:



Qualifications:       Divine Rays Adept

                                Ray 3 - Divine Energy Healing Level 2                          

                                Ray 7 - Violet Flame Rescue Healing

                                Ray 9 - Divine Feminine Reiki

                                Practical Dowsing

The Divine Rays Master Program

The Ultimate Mentoring, Coaching and Training in Angelic / Higher Vibrational Mediumship (including channeling) and Healer Teacher  Qualifications:


Qualifications:                The Divine Rays Master

                                         Divine Energy Healing Master Healer

                                         Violet Flame Rescue Healing Trainer

                                         Ascension Numerology Package Training

                                         Higher Vibrational Mediumship Training



Bonuses:                         Personal Ascension Numerology Channelled Reading

                                         Personal Four Allies Channelled Reading

                                         Signed copy of The Book of Many Colours & The Book of Many Flames

                                         25% off Angelic Reiki Association Training with Angela Orora

Contact me for details of dates.  Places are limited, please register your interest here.

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