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From the acclaimed creators of the series, A Journey of Riches comes the book Awaken to Your Inner Truth, A life-changing collection of real stories, insights, and heart-warming wisdom. Find the inspiration you need to discover your passion, reveal your truth, and transform your life. You’ll be grateful for reading this book.

Here’s what you will love about this book:

  • Inner Communion. Casey Plouffe a facilitator of The Sophia Code® shares an astounding story of how she allowed herself to be held closer and loved more unconditionally than ever before.
  • A Nurse for the Soul. Breakaway with Anne Henning from what is viewed as ‘normal’ in traditional western medicine and see healing in a whole new light.
  • From Trials to Truth. Join Andrew Geldert on his awakening journey searching for the truth.
  • Seeking Support & Activating Allies. Discover how to open your connection to your guides and higher self with Angela Orora.

And much more!

High Praise for A Journey of Riches series:

“The A Journey of Riches book series is a great collection of inspiring short stories that will leave you wanting more!”
~ Alex Hoffmann, Network Marketing Guru.

“An amazing collection of true stories from individuals who have overcome great changes, and who have transformed their lives and used their experience to uplift, inspire and support others.”
~ Carol Williams, Author, Speaker & Coach.

“A Journey of Riches series will draw you in and help you dig deep into your soul. These authors have unbelievable life stories of purpose inside of them. John Spender is dedicated to bringing peace, love, and adventure to the world of his readers! Dive into this series, and you will be transformed!” ~ Jeana Matichak, Author of Finding Peace.

The A Journey of Riches team has masterfully assembled a brilliant multi-author collaboration that will guide you in your journey of self-realization. All the chapters are easy to read, concise and practical. It provides guidance as well the necessary boost to your motivation, but most importantly, it shows you the way to live the life of your dreams.

If you have been searching for your inner truth, give yourself a helping hand with this insightful and revealing book!

A Journey of Riches: AwakenTo Your Inner Truth

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