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The Divine Rays are the vibrational energies that radiate down to our planet from the Creator for the purpose of supporting ‘All That There Is’.


Each has a distinct colour frequency, a Patron (from the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives), a symbol or shape, aligning crystal energy and flame (its active principle).

This beautiful deck contains channelled information, images, and affirmations direct from the Patrons themselves and provides an energetic link to the Divine Rays.


It is designed for spiritual seekers looking to tap into the energy of the Divine Rays for personal and planetary support, healing, inspiration, illumination, mastery and protection. 


Use as an Oracle Deck for spiritual guidance, meditation aid and as a source of daily Affirmations.  


Are you ready to connect?


Channelled Affirmations by Angela Orora Medway-Smith, channelled artwork by Kieron Morgan.


Contains 30 full colour card deck (70 x 120mm) in a rigid full colour textured box. Information card links to downloadable Divine Rays Connection Meditation (mp4 audio file), The Divine Rays Journal (pdf file) and The Divine Rays Oracle & Affirmation Card Guidance Booklet (pdf file). 

The Divine Rays Oracle & Affirmation Cards

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