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The Divine Rays

The Divine Rays are the vibrational energies that radiate down to our planet from the Creator for the purpose of supporting ‘All That There Is’.  Each has a distinct colour frequency, a Patron (from the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives), a symbol or shape, aligning crystal energy and flame (its active principle).  Up until 2012 there were only seven rays available to mankind. 

This has changed and their Patrons want YOU to know! 

The Divine Rays have been accessible to mankind since the time of Lemuria; in our recent history, this information has been kept hidden, and even when the great channels Madame Blavatsky, Guy Ballard and Alice Bailey made this information available, it was still inaccessible to most.

I feel truly blessed to have been chosen by the Ascended Master and Archangelic Collective to change that!


Welcome to The Book of Many Colours, a practical handbook to help you access and enjoy communion with the Divine Rays and their patrons; a source of healing, inspiration, knowledge, and increased wisdom.


It is suitable for all spiritual seekers, no matter what your experience and can help you align to your soul's path and can support you on your journey with the Divine Rays and their Patrons, some of the most enlightened beings in our Universe.

    The Book of Many Colours         The Book of Many Flames
Awaken Your Soul's Purpose With the Divine Rays       Everyday Alchemy With Esoteric Energies

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Available from My Shop,  ​

Amazon & Other Stores

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99th ray in gold.png


Dear Cariad,

When you purchase The Book of Many Colours, The Book of Many Flames or The Divine Rays Oracle & Affirmation Cards you will have access to some additional tools to support your journey with the Divine Rays and their Patrons, which you can download via the QR code in the deck and the link in the book.

There's also a free download for you NOW at the foot of this page!

I would also encourage you to join The Divine Rays Community so that you can share your experiences with others (I pop in there regularly too and am planning to have live events for our group).

You can also download:

           The Divine Rays Meditation

           The Divine Rays Meditation Journal - designed to help you record your journeys

           The Guidance Sheet for The Divine Ray Oracle & Affirmation Cards

           A Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels

I have channelled Divine Energy Connection Vibrational Oils & Alchemical Aura Sprays attuned to the Divine Rays which can support your connection available from my shop


Additionally, Ascension Numerology Readings are available which will give you details of your Soul, Spirit, Karma and Soul Assistance Rays and a personal channelled message from one of your Patrons from the Ascended Master or Angelic Collectives, simply contact me for more information.

Abundant blessings,

Angela Orora

99th ray in gold.png
99th ray in gold.png


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