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You have found me for a reason...

I am Angela Orora, a spiritual channel, a psychic medium, healer,

#1 international best selling author, mentor and teacher.  I chose Cariad Spiritual

as my business name as it reflects who I am, a loving spiritual being.

(Cariad is a Welsh word which means love or sweetheart).

In essence I am a Light Worker, The Practical Mystic supporting you to follow your life path with ease and grace to 'Be the Butterfly' of my logo.  

My role is to support you to SOAR!

My Services

You will see I  offer a wide range of services, including spiritual guidance, healing, Accredited Training, Life & Soul Alignment Coaching, Sacred Energy Therapeutics and transformational retreats in glorious settings worldwide.

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Spiritual Guidance

Sacred Energy Therapeutics



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Life & Soul Alignment Coaching

Accredited Training

Angela Medway-Smith The Practical Mystic

The Practical Mystic

Healing is my passion (I first trained as a healer in 1985) and I work closely with other light workers and holistic practitioners to raise spiritual awareness and promote holistic healing.

My personal mission is to make energy healing available to all

to promote holistic wellness worldwide.

This led me to create Mind, Body Spirit Events in my local area which I used as platforms to raise thousands of pounds for local charities, raise awareness of different healing modalities and help people experience

and explore holistic healing.  

My books and online courses form a key element of sharing this mission, 

I am also a Wellness Universe World Changer and a founding Trustee and Chair of Divine Energy Healing International.

Reach out if you'd like to work with me, collaborate, or invite me to speak at your event or podcast.


Brightest & abundant blessings,

Angela Orora


You have found me for a reason...

​I am blessed to be a channel for the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives and have published two channeled books

'The Book of Many Colours' and

'The Book of Many Flames. 

I am also blessed to be the lead and co-author of several

#1 International Best Selling Books,

The Energy Healer's Oracle: Tools for Total Transformation

The Wellness Universe's Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Goddesses, 

Strong Mothers: More Than A Survival Guide

A Journey of Riches: Awaken to Your Inner Truth and

Love Warriors: A Conscious Expert's Guide to Love Manifestation and Joy

all of which are available from my shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Kobi & other online suppliers

The Book of Many Colours
25 Tools For Goddesses
Book of Many Colours
Strong Mothers
Awaken to Your Inner Truth
The Energy-Healers-Oracle
love warriors book

On 6/6/23 this amazing book, featuring inspirational stories from 20 different masters of healing modalities and therapies from around the globe launched - overnight becoming an Amazon international best-seller - with rave reviews from readers worldwide who are transforming their lives using the fantastic tools

I have services and tools that can change your life...  take a look and contact me if you want to transform your life, to SOAR and truly ‘Be The Butterfly’

and embody your sovereign self.

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

I am The Practical Mystic; I focus on finding the answers to your questions about relationships, family, career and life path.  My work is practical and relevant and can provide you with the information you need to make the best choices for yourself.

As well as the Tarot, I use crystal dowsing, mediumship, oracle cards and psychometry in my readings to provide guidance on any aspect of your life or business.

Personal, group, telephone and internet readings are available;


I also offer direct Soul to Soul guidance channelled from high vibrational beings. Acting as a channel medium to allow you to converse with guides Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm, to enable you to ask questions about your soul's path, past incarnations and questions relating to your life.

Energy healing is a holistic therapy which complements conventional medical treatment and promote healing and energy balance in people and animals; promoting harmony and healing of mind, body and spirit.  It is the oldest form of healing and exists in every culture around the World.  Energy is channelled by the healer and directed where needed to heal and balance 'disease'.  

I am a Master & Teacher of several different energy healing modalities and a practitioner of others.  I began my healing training almost forty years ago, am fully qualified and registered with the Healer Practitioner Association International and the Angelic Reiki Association to practice and teach both 'hands on' and distant healing.  In addition, I have my own accredited systems and have taught energy healing to hundreds of people worldwide.

I have been the medium for thousands of healing sessions for people, animals and places and offer healing taster sessions and packages, both in person and distantly; I have healing clients and students worldwide.

As we are all unique beings, working intuitively. I select the correct vibration to enable your healing from the many vibrations and healing systems I am able to access and channel for the wellbeing of

mind, body, spirit and soul


My unique Life & Soul Alignment Coaching process weaves together traditional life coaching and holistic energy techniques, aligning you to your soul connection and achieving harmony and flow in all areas of mind, body and spirit.y overhaul. Enabling you to soar in all areas of your life and work with grace and flow and a deep connection to source energy.

Work with me to create harmony and healing in your future; your life your choice. In our weekly sessions we unpick your life path, align with your soul purpose, heal and harmonise your energy system and develop tools to keep the momentum flowing long after our sessions have finished.

I first taught intuitive and spiritual development in Australia in 1990.  Since then I have supported hundreds of students worldwide on their personal and spiritual development journey. 

All of my courses are accredited by professional bodies (IOATH, HPAI and the Angelic Reiki Association).

I am passionate about quality training, creating firm foundations to ensure that YOU have the best opportunity to soar, to develop in a safe

and supportive space.

I teach 1:1, in person at workshops, training courses and retreat centres worldwide and online.  I also have short Foundation Courses available to download so you can get started on your journey now.

Many of my courses are fully booked from waiting lists and not advertised, so please contact me if you see a course you would like to study and I can add your name to the waiting list. 

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I offer a range of Spiritual Retreats and Escapes in the UK, Europe & The Caribbean to suit all budgets.


You’ll find me in Avalon and Aptera supporting you on your spiritual journey in sacred spaces, often with Accredited Training Courses.


My Sacred Journeys and Goddess Experiences are a world away from the usual definition of a retreat.  They are transformational experiences in sacred locations that can change your life forever.  


Are you ready?

You can find my Amazon #1 Best Selling Books, Divine Rays Oracle & Affirmation Cards, Alchemical Aura Sprays, Meditations with the Ascended Master & Angelic Realms and

Free Gifts for my subscribers in my

Online Shop. 

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