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What to Expect from your Spiritual Consultation

You probably have a vague idea of what 'goes on' in a psychic medium session. Maybe the cards are chosen, then laid out and explained by the reader and...easy peasy now you have all the answers to your future! It's actually much more complicated than that...

We'll start with the cards. There are a several types of spiritual reading cards - most readers use Tarot, some readers use Angel and/or Oracle cards. There are hundreds of varieties of Tarot cards, but there are always 78 cards in a Tarot deck and all Tarot cards have the same structure. The art of Tarot reading is actually an ancient practice, centuries old and each card contains a vast amount of information and will have a different meaning depending on your question and the position in the spread.

Traditional Tarot Cards

Oracle cards on the other hand, vary from deck to deck can have any sort of amount, images of different animals, plants, angels, fairies, gods or goddesses, and even chakras. These cards serve the purpose of guiding us in our purpose and can be much more specific. Each card serves a purpose for guidance alone, they don't need to be read together. Oracle cards are a much newer 'tool' for a psychic.

Oracle Angel Cards

Some readers will use both Tarot and Oracle cards together to give a complete reading - as I do. Some readers simply use one or the other.

Then comes the question, so what do the cards actually tell us? Every reader works differently. I will ask you for your questions in order to find the information for your highest good, that will help you make the decisions you need to help your life flow with ease and grace.

The most important thing to remember is that the cards will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you 'want' to know. For example, if you are having relationship issues and ask the cards how to resolve it, the cards might focus on something else that needs attention in your life, perhaps your job, your relationship with a parent. sibling, etc.

I also dowse during readings to add another dimension of accuracy for my clients and, as I am a medium as well as a psychic, also receive information from guides and loved ones in spirit.

I believe that we are here on this earth to learn the lessons we have chosen before we come. Unfortunately we can't use card readings to simply 'skip' over our lessons and challenges, but they will help to guide us through them with the most ease, understanding and gain better results.

If you feel called to booking a spiritual consultation - come with an open mind to what you might receive. The information you hear may not be exactly you expect but it will certainly be insightful, for your highest good and what you need to hear at that time.

I'm available for spiritual consultations, across all times zones around the world over Zoom, the beauty of this approach is that you can receive a voice recording of your session afterwards.

Find out my my availability and book here:

If you can't find a time that fits your Time Zone simply send me a WhatsApp message on +447543547774 and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

After all you are reading this for a reason ♥

Please note that appointment prices will be rising in 2023

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