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Grandfather Spirit

I am a psychic medium spiritual healer and teacher, so have many stories about spirit appearing in my life. Sometimes, I too am surprised, gladdened and blessed with guidance and confirmation.

This story captures the events of the September 2017.

I live and work in Wales but also work in Covent Garden in London as a psychic reader and while I’m there try and attend spiritual events and training to develop and expand my knowledge. So early last month I was at London Spiritual Mission attending an Advanced Healing Techniques Workshop, a wonderful event and a great place to meet with like-minded souls.

It was here that a ‘new’ guide made himself known to me during a meditation; I saw him clearly and he told me his name. He’d come with an old, dearly loved, teacher of mine Betty Balcombe; I’d spent several years in circle with Betty in the 1980’s and I was absolutely thrilled to ‘see’ her again. They had come to let me know they are supporting me on my path and would be close by when needed.

Later that evening I’d gone to South London to meet friends at a music gig and started chatting to a chap I hadn’t met before. After telling him of my work he shared incredible stories of the work he did with spirit and indigenous shaman in the 90’s.

Wanting to keep in touch I handed him my card, he was aghast when he saw my logo (designed for me last year) and said ‘You’re the Rainbow Butterfly!’ I smiled, explained the vision behind my logo and left. It was my turn to be aghast when the band began their first set, the first song, sung by the chap I’d been talking to was… ‘Rainbow Butterfly’! This was confirmation that I need to keep in touch; there is a reason we had met which I am sure will unfold in time.

Two days later, during a meeting looking for venues to teach in London I came by a Quaker Meeting House to look at their meeting rooms to find spiritual healers working there; they belonged to The White Eagle Lodge. It was White Eagle who had come to guide me days earlier. My guide turned out to be rather prominent!

Back to Wales. Just before leaving for London I’d come across a local lady who had designed her own Oracle Cards; I’d been in touch and asked to order a pack, so a few days later I arranged to pop up to her home. I headed off in heavy rain, surprised that the SatNav said the journey would take an hour. An hour and a half later, dripping wet, with no phone signal and lost, I asked spirit to intervene and help me. She appeared from nowhere!

She drove me to her home; over a hot cup of tea she told me that the images she’d painted and the messages on the cards were all channelled from a Native American Guide; White Eagle. He had led me to her and have been using her cards daily ever since; I also share widely them so that the guidance from spirit can reach people all over the World who need it.

I am aware of White Eagle’s presence on a regular basis now. One week later, in a meditation group, I felt the presence of my guide once more; people who were there will confirm that at one point I ‘appeared’ different, I felt over 6 feet tall and looked it.

The following week, in the same group he guided me during a meditation to past life memories where he had been my Grandfather. I was a small girl, called back from play by my brother to a tepee village because my Grandfather wanted to teach me; I however was more interested in my toy. I could hear him chanting; chanting that I had been doing myself the day before while practicing overtone chant. I could hear the crackling fire, feel its’ warmth and smell the smoke. A few minutes later, back in the group I was handed a card by the person who had been chosen to work with me. The image was that of the same tepee village. My message was clear; it’s now time to work, playtime is over!

Today, I had been pondering whether to share this story; a little while later I pulled my daily oracle card. I have posted it with this story.

He had clearly been listening; this was my confirmation. I needed to tell this story. I feel truly blessed to have his wisdom guiding me.

My belief is that our life in this world is a journey of learning for our and our planet’s development. This is a time of difficult and rapid change and we need to learn to trust our ‘selves’ to move forward with our lives in a positive way

I have complete faith that spirit is always near, that our ‘team’ of guides are available to us when we need them. If you listen closely and follow your intuition, your guides will help lead you to the right path. I teach intuitive development and healing; this is my path.

I believe that we can all develop our ability to tap into our higher self, un-learn self-doubt and begin to trust our intuition. When the time is right for you, you will find a teacher to guide and help you.

Listen closely and enjoy your journey!

Angela Medway-Smith Cariad Spiritual Winter 2017

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