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Healers Unite Summit 2024

Do you love Energy Healing?

As I am sure you know, energy healing can be highly effective.

In fact, energy healing is unique in that it goes right to the source of the problem, no matter what the symptoms might be, to heal the root cause of the issue.

There are many energy healing modalities and they all have incredible benefits to us as individuals and …

… they can also make a profound impact in bringing peace and healing to areas of chaos and conflict on a small or global scale.

If you would like to dive deeper into an exploration of the world of energy healing then you will love what my good friends Ann Hession, Body and Emotion Code Healer and Healer Sales Expert, and Anne Gordon, Dolphin~Whale Energy Healer and Dolphin & Whale Wisdom Expert and Retreat Leader have created a powerful summit to help you discover and receive powerful healing modalities to heal your life in every way.

It's all happening February 19-23, online and is completely FREE for you to attend.

Join us to discover and receive the powerful energies and words of wisdom from each of the speakers....

Together we can Heal the World!

You will get access to pre-recorded interviews for a full week with all of our amazing energy healers and experts including...

Master Sha– Tao Hands

Lesley Evans – Rise Of The Phoenix Spiritual Healing

Shiraz Baboo – Energetic Magic

Tiffany Cano – Quantum Frequencies to Heal Your Blind Spots for Success

Dr. Katja Rusanen – Story Telling for Healers

and me - Violet Flame Rescue Healing!

Upgrade to VIP status for lifetime access to the interviews and, VIP access to live calls with the healers and speakers. Sign up as a VIP and get all of these:

Lifetime access to all of the powerful interviews.

Bonus interviews with each speaker

Free VIP Gifts with a total value of over $4,000

A very special Pre-summit Healers Spiral online with Ann, Anne and some of the presenters.

Daily Zoom Pod Gathering calls during the summit with Ann, Anne and some of the presenters.

A Very Special live Zoom call with Master Sha to practice and receive Tao Hands with the opportunity to ask him questions yourself!

Dive into the Healers Unite Summit and reserve your place now by following this link:

I hope to see you there.

Abundant blessings,

Angela Orora

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