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New Season, New You?

Hello Cariad!

Memories of summer are starting to fade and Autumn brings a whole new world of possibilities 🍂🍃🕸

I was just reflecting on the wonderful experiences and feedback I've had from participants on my Cretan Retreats - I'm now planning next year's programme, the dust is starting to settle after last weekend's Llanelli Festival of Wellness, my new weekly groups and healing tasters start next week, online workshops starting soon...... a new fresh season packed with new possibilities, new opportunities and transformation 😍 💜🦋

We all have the potential to transform, sometimes we forget little changes and tweaks that can make a difference. Practicing gratitude, spending a few minutes a day focusing on breathing, simply pausing to reflect, or spending time in nature can all support your wellbeing 🙏😊🌳

I am here to support you on your spiritual journey, to 'Be the Butterfly' and would love to hear from you to find out what you'd like more of in terms of workshops and experiences 🌌🦋🌍

Tell me what you'd like...you can email me at cariadspiritual@gmail.com or contact me via my Facebook page or even text me! 🌈⛱🌌

Here's what's happening in locally from next week, also in September you can find me at The Psychic Fayre at Llanelli's Thomas Arms Hotel.....

Much More than Meditation🙏


The Crystal Circle 🌌


Cariad Spiritual Healing Tasters 🙌


My wish for you is that your days be filled with brightest blessings and your nights with the sweetest dreams,

Angela Orora

Cariad Spiritual


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