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Cariad Spiritual Training Academy

I first taught intuitive and spiritual development in Australia in 1990.  Since then I have supported hundreds of students worldwide on their personal and spiritual development journey.  All of my courses are accredited by professional bodies (IOATH, HPAI and the Angelic Reiki Association).

I am passionate about quality training, creating firm foundations to ensure that YOU have the best opportunity to soar, to develop in a safe and supportive space.

I teach 1:1, in person at workshops, training courses and retreat centres worldwide and online.  I also have short Foundation Courses available to download so you can get started on your journey now.

Many of my courses are fully booked from waiting lists and not advertised, so please contact me if you see a course you would like to study and I can add your name to the waiting list. 

I am delighted to offer a UNIQUE NEW program for 2022 - The Divine Rays Program - a step-by-step development program that will take you from seeker to Master in under a year. 


Build on solid foundations with a pre-course study program, weekly live training, continual assessments and a support group you develop and grow.  Gaining formal qualifications along the way developing from Neophyte to Adept to Master; able then to teach the component elements of the system yourself and build a healing and training business of your own.


Here's what's on offer.......

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