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Soul Medicine Works its Magic

If you find it hard to believe or consider any form of holistic healing could help you, this is the event to attend where your mindset can become completely transformed. Healing your soul isn't a small feat, it isn't something that happens instantaneously, but a life long journey for us all.

Taking care of your soul is just as important as brushing your teeth - it's just not something we're taught. That's why I was so happy we were able to put together Soul Medicine to bring a transformational healing event to Llanelli and we were able to raise £300 for Latch (Wales' children cancer charity).

If you missed it last week, it was so successful, we're repeating it on the weekend of the Llanelli Spiritual and Holistic Festival held over Sept 7 - 9. Read on to find out just what happens!

About 40 of us attended and achieved some truly profound rejuvenation and clarity last weekend. It was an event that was aimed to provide a vacuum for hightented consciousness and ultimate rejuvenation that in a way that couldn't happen on your own.

Richard leading the yoga

Richard Rees began the day taking us through some stretches and yogic breathing, which helped to release old patterns and energy that wasn't serving us. Then we had an intensive intention setting workshop led by me, which involved understanding the untapped power of the mind, visualisation and affirmations. We then put those affirmations into practice through a powerful and healing guided meditation.

Following lunch , the beautiful Heart Labyrinth was created and lit by candlelight to the sounds of the angelic voice of Shelly Underhill-Savage and the beat of the drum. It was a unique and incredibly moving experience. Walking The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice of sacred, prayerful walking, where the lessons of the morning could be put into practice, and we could really feel our energy shifting.

The event was concluded with an hour long sound bath, a powerful energy healing technique performed by Shelly, blending her voice with sound healing tools. Our physical vibrations (or energy fields) were completely transformed to become more at peace, transmuting any remaining stress or unease. A unique experience for each and every one of us.

We left with smiles on our faces, and happiness in our hearts, this truly is an event to lift your spirit. Furthermore, we now carry the tools to support our own well-being that are absolutely priceless; practical tools to shape the rest of your life.

If feeling like this is calling your spirit, or even if you'r just curious about it - then feel free to get in touch. I hope you can join us on the next Soul Medicine on the weekend of September 7-9.

We're setting it up as the third day of Llanelli Holistic and Spiritual Festival in hope that those that live further away could make a weekend of the events, and stay locally in our beautiful beach town (the centre is a five minute walk from our stunning beach). Could be a lovely weekend away of spiritual development and fun, hope to see you there Cariad! ❤

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