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Why meditate? What's in it for me?

People sometimes ask me, why they should meditate.

There are countless reasons why you should dive into the world of Zen!

Very simply, meditate if you’re looking to achieve harmony in mind, body and spirit, here's a quick rundown...

Mental Magic:

  1. Bye-Bye Stress: Sayonara, cortisol! Meditation kicks stress to the curb, bringing in the chill vibes.

  2. Focus Power-Up: Sharpen your mind ninja skills with improved focus and mental clarity while you stir up your creative cauldron and unlock problem-solving superpowers.

  3. Happy Dance: Boost your emotional IQ, ride the wave of positivity, and get to know yourself better.

  4. Memory Booster: Mindfulness magic can upgrade your memory storage and retrieval system and keep age-related memory loss at bay, preserving your mental acrobatics. Build discipline and flex that willpower muscle!

Body Bliss:

  1. Chill Pill: Dial down the blood pressure and relax those tense heartstrings with some meditation mojo.

  2. Anxiety Assassin: Combat anxiety and depression like a pro, hand in hand with other holistic treatments.

  3. Sleep Like a Baby: Hit the snooze button on insomnia and cozy up to dreamland with meditation.

  4. Pain Tamer: Trick your brain into feeling less pain and level up your chronic pain management game.

Let Your Spirit Soar:

  1. Increased Feelings of Love: Sprinkle some empathy and compassion into your relationships with a dash of meditation.

  2. Soulful Journey: Embark on a spiritual quest, connect with your inner beliefs, and watch your spirit soar.

  3. Know Thyself: Reflect, dive deep, and discover the wonders of self-awareness.

  4. Reach For The Stars: You can also take it one step further and become an explorer of the Universe.

Practical Perks:

  1. Zen on the Go: Meditate anywhere, anytime - it’s your portable mental health booster.

  2. No Gear, No Fear: No fancy gadgets needed, just you, your thoughts, and the Universe.

In a nutshell, meditation is your all-in-one ticket to a healthier, happier, and harmonious you!

None of this is rocket science, many guides can support you on your meditation journey, myself included.

I lead free meditations to meet Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and beings of light from every dimension.

Join me to experience this for yourself - while you’re there sign up for my newsletter - I’d love to keep in touch with practical tools and guidance to support you to soar ♥

My free meditation series supports Mission on Earth, a sanctuary for souls seeking guidance, support, and community as they embark on their journey of awakening and integration into the New Earth paradigm.

Remember we are all connected in love ♥

Abundant blessings,

Angela Orora

The Practical Mystic

Angela Orora Medway-Smith is The Practical Mystic, a London based internationally renowned, spiritual channel, multiple best-selling author, mentor, teacher, clairvoyant, retreat leader and Life & Soul Alignment Coach who is waking the world up to the potential and power of energy healing. 

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