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Is Energy Healing for You?

Dear Cariad,

Many people ask me “What is energy healing and how does it work?

I trained as a spiritual healer in the mid-1980s and now teach energy healers in several different modalities including Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing, Divine Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Violet Flame Rescue Healing, Soul Midwifery, and the Metatron Methods, as well as comprehensive and robust Intuitive Development Courses…. so, I’ve had a bit of experience! The answer is actually very simple.

An energy healer is able to channel vibrational energy through their body, using their physical form as a channel and bring that energy into the physical and energetic body of another being.

This energy is intelligent and goes where it is needed. In my opinion, energy healing works best as a series of treatments; each session peeling away layers of dis-harmony that have built up to cause dis-ease, pain and often un-happiness.

Healers who work with different energy healing modalities work by accessing different energy vibrations for the highest good of all. Energy healing addresses dis-harmony on all levels, that of mind, body and spirit.

One session of energy healing may relax you and ‘cure’ your headache, but given time the healer can assist you in stripping away the layers of dis-harmony that have built up over time and help eliminate the cause.

It is not a quick-fix cure like taking a headache tablet. Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society puts it very well….

“Curing is the business of medicine, and it involves eliminating symptoms; while healing is the crafting of a healthy lifestyle by eliminating the cause of suffering and disease and then creating a meaningful destiny. Western medicine cures the body, while psychology treats the mind—but healing attends to the soul and the spirit……... Today, scientific discoveries confirm that when we look deeply into the heart of matter at the most fundamental level, all we find is vibration and light.”

So, by working with vibrational energy healing the healer works not just with the physical body but also with the soul and the spirit, you will release dis-ease and disharmony and bring about the change that will allow you to experience true healing on all levels of your being.

Human beings have tapped into healing vibrations for millennia; in these challenging times energy healing can be incredibly beneficial.

If you are interested in energy healing sessions or becoming an energy healer simply get in touch.

Brightest and most abundant blessings,

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